AES transport bedbug service

treating bedbugs on public transport

The problem

Bedbugs are highly mobile creatures, using luggage, clothing and other belongings as vehicles to get to their next abode. For example, experts predicted that the increased levels of regional, national and international travel associated with the Olympics in summer 2012 would lead to a huge increase in bedbug infestations, with as many as a year’s worth of bed bugs arriving in London during the eight-week period.

Bedbugs can inhabit the luggage racks of buses and trains, as well as aeroplane holds. This can take your fleet off the road (or out of the air), slashing your revenue and so profits. Transport hubs could also be affected, with bedbugs inhabiting seating and other areas.

Potential pitfalls

Some of our competitors like to boost their own profits by saving money on chemicals, buying second-rate insecticides that do an inadequate job at getting your vehicles pest-free. What’s more, your fleet may be tied up for days while the work is done.

How we can help

We don’t believe in cutting corners, and will use the very best chemicals designed to get rid of bedbugs while being thoroughly safe for your passengers. You’ll also have the benefit of our expert knowledge of how bedbugs behave, coupled with the discretion of our unmarked vans and inconspicuous uniform.

We appreciate that your organisation has commercial or budgetary pressures, and so will arrive when we say, and sort the problem properly within a matter of hours, releasing your vehicles to be back earning money for you as soon as possible, with passengers none the wiser. We can even carry out the work at a time to suit you, when your fleet is naturally not (or is less) in demand, for example overnight; working unsocial hours is no problem for us.