AES leisure and fitness industry bedbug service

treating bedbugs in the leisure and fitness sector

The problem

The leisure industry is bucking the national trend and continuing to grow at a healthy rate, with many people now being registered as members of both public- and private-sector leisure centres and health and fitness clubs. A recent survey by the Fitness Industry Association showed that:

So just imagine how inconvenient – to put it mildly – it would be to have to close the doors to your leisure club due to an infestation, or to develop a reputation for harbouring bedbugs.

Potential pitfalls

Leisure-club waiting areas and cafes/bars often have comfortable seating that can act as key harbourage points for bedbugs. Changing rooms are another area where an infestation can easily take hold, as people come and go with bags, sharing changing facilities and lockers. It’s all too easy for a second-rate pest-control company to offer – and even appear – to rid your premises of bedbugs, but have they really done the job thoroughly? Our experience suggests that often they have not, meaning you have paid out yet still have bedbugs – or at least bedbug eggs that will soon hatch into more insects.

How we can help

Our expertise in bedbug behaviour means we know just where the crafty critters are likely to lurk, plus we know exactly the chemicals to use to get rid of them fast, leaving no unpleasant odours or other tell-tale signs for your customers. We even use unmarked vehicles and wear inconspicuous uniform to help you avoid any undesired publicity.