AES hotel bedbug service

treating bedbugs in hotels

The problem

As bedbugs thrive in furniture and soft furnishings, and on travel, it’s no wonder that hotels are amongst their favourite places to hang out. What’s more, the public is getting much more canny about the problem of bedbugs, with many websites raising awareness on this issue – for example, YouTube videos instruct guests how to spot the tell-tale signs of bedbugs in hotels, TripAdvisor’s support forum shares bedbug tales and tips, and even lets travellers in the USA and Canada report bedbugs at specific hotels.

Potential pitfalls

Many other pest-control companies will treat only those rooms affected, and use a broad-spectrum insecticide that isn’t even properly lethal to bedbugs (we suppose some critters may die by drowning!). So it’s not surprising that the problem isn’t properly eliminated, costing you money both for the service itself and in lost revenue when the problem quickly recurs.

How we can help

Our discreet and proven method of bedbug eradication is based on an expert understanding of bedbug behaviour, combined with a thorough and highly analytical approach to evaluating the actual and potential spread of the infestation within your hotel premises. For example, we take into account your ways of working, such as patterns of moving furniture and reallocating guests to other rooms. Using high-quality insecticides often unavailable through our competitors, and our insider knowledge and experience of the bedbug, we will ensure that your hotel becomes pest-free – and, if you wish to sign up to our regular prevention and monitoring service – stays that way.