Treating, controlling and eradicating bedbugs

treating bedbugs

Complimentary and thorough bedbug survey

Our service always starts with a full and detailed survey of your premises, which we carry out free of charge. You’ll find that some pest-control services complete this in a rather cursory way, being in and out before you can say ‘Cimex lectularius’, while we take our time to ensure we do a really thorough job. For example, we spent two weeks surveying one 700-room hotel, while a competitor – who had previously visited yet failed to eliminate the infestation – had taken just three hours.

Talking to all those in the ‘chain of command’ is vital to achieving a long-term solution to the problem. We therefore suggest that key members of your staff (for example, housekeepers in a hotel) accompany us as this is an ideal opportunity to provide some informal training on bedbug awareness.

Skills and common sense

Although pest-control operatives need the right initial training – as evidenced by our membership of the National Association of Pest Technicians – being successful in this field relies too on having a good dose of common sense. For example, how is your building used and structured, and what are your working methods? Understanding these factors is vital to appreciating the nature and potential extent of an infestation, and so how to get and keep your premises pest-free. It’s rather like passing your driving test: someone may know the theory and how to get around safely, but do they have the flair to think ‘outside the box’? Where bedbugs are concerned, we’d like to think of ourselves as advanced drivers!

Report and quotation

Following our survey, we’ll provide you with a report detailing our findings and recommendations, and cost of implementing these to ensure you become – and remain – infestation-free. You can choose whether to go for one-off eradication and take your chances on a new infestation occurring in the future or – the more cost-effective alternative in the longer term – add regular visits to help prevent this embarrassing and revenue-sapping problem in the first place. Either way, you’ll receive a bespoke solution as no two buildings are the same, and no two organisations work in the same way.