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AES Treatment and Monitoring Systems:


1. Treatment Only

2. Monitor Only

3. Treat/Monitor


Treatment only is as follows; AES carries out treatments to the affected areas of the property or business to achieve a bedbug free condition.

AES will carry out a detailed inspection of each Guest/bedroom and other areas such as linen stores etc. on a regular basis and install our unique monitoring system. If further infestations are found the client will be charged for the treatments.

The final option is to have a fixed price agreement to cover the cost of treatment and monitoring no matter how many infestations occur through the course of the agreement regarding bedbugs.

3 Month Guarantee*

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*Over the years we have spoken to many hotels and businesses that do not believe we are able to control bed bug infestations when their current pest control company cannot. So as part of our on-going commitment to our customers AES offers a 3 month guarantee on all bed bug treatments.

Bedbugs are a classless problem, thriving anywhere with a bed, luggage, clothing or soft furnishings – from hotels, trains and aeroplanes to prisons, youth hostels and hospitals.

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